• Event and Activity

    The planning and managing of "events" involves everything from recording the customer's contact information when they first inquire about space to billing them at the completion of their successful event, and everything in between.


    Powered with latest technology

    Our comprehensive yet straightforward solutions touch every part of your business and are designed to reduce your workload and costs, increase revenue and let you focus on what matters.

  • Event Management
    Software Training

    Delivering user friendly, well-documented software is a priority at Solution Agent. However, there is no substitute for experience, and knowledge of industry best practices.


    Premium onsite training

    Spending time (in person or online) with one of our expert trainers/consultants can help bring you and your organization up to speed quickly and ensure that you get the most out of your EMS system.

  • Complete Features of Venue Management

    When you’re managing an organisation, there are a lot of priorities to juggle. You are continually expected to get more done and make more money without wasting valuable time and resources.

  • Control your
    Event everywhere

    When it comes to effective use of your rooms and resources, ease of access is key. While your EMS system administrators will typically utilize the powerful desktop application, the majority of your users will likely access the system in other ways for different purposes.

    Available on Android and IOS

Event registration and management

Access all the tools you require to set up and manage your event from a central location. Simplify your online registration.

Event marketing and promotion

Create professional looking event websites and emails. Promote your event with integrated social media tools.

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Event surveys and reporting

Track every part of your event with real-time insight and custom reporting options. Gage your event’s success with our multiplatform survey tools.

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