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Way more than a social network. We are Solution Agent Network. We believe in the power of community, the value of authenticity and strength of active living.

We are a technology and media company powering the largest network of organisations, activities, and people. Our technology helps businesses automate and simplify operations, management and participation, while our media properties are home to millions of people looking for things to do. When you put the two together, it is the most powerful technology and marketing engine available today. Using our solutions, everyone wins. Businesses operate smarter and get access to more participants than ever before, and consumers can go to one place to find things they love, want and need to do.

Here the reason why you must Solution Agent





1. Latest Technology

(C) Systems is the world’s largest reseller of the iMIS association membership system and specializes in the delivery of applications software, web, ecommerce solutions and consulting services targeting the unique needs of not-for-profit organizations.

2. Professional Team

Solution Agent is led by an experienced team whose direction, marketplace expertise and strong understanding of customer needs have resulted in exceptional growth and success.

3. Reliable Support

The Support Center gives users with a current ASA access to a whole host of resources. Facing an issue that has been resolved in the latest EMS scheduling software release. The new version and all the accompanying documentation and installation instructions any time it's convenient for you.

4. Environment Care

When a "hands-on" approach to problem resolution is needed, customers and support team members can "meet" online via a secure internet connection that allows our techs to link their computers to yours and experience the problem you are facing firsthand.

Technical Support

Phone : +64 (0) 3 741 4468
Sykpe : solutionagent
Email : support@solutionagent.co.nz

Our Address

45 Princess Street, Riccarton, Christchurch, 8041
+64 (0) 3 741 4466 / info@solutionagent.co.nz

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