Solution Agent makes it easy

Our technology is built to give you freedom. Our comprehensive yet straightforward solutions touch every part of your business and are designed to reduce your workload and costs, increase revenue and let you focus on what matters. At Solution Agent, we don’t simply turn over our products and wish you luck—we are with you, day after day, making sure you succeed.

We offer you more than service

A variety of products are available to suit every business need from small to enterprise solutions.

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And you can also customize your own software

We provide many options to customize your software to meet your needs.

The Solution Agent product line is made up of a number of tools, each with unique features and functions to address specific scheduling, calendaring and registration/survey needs. And to help you get the most out of your system, professional services (consulting, data conversion, etc.), including training, are available.

Technical Support

Phone : +64 (0) 3 741 4468
Sykpe : solutionagent
Email : support@solutionagent.co.nz

Our Address

45 Princess Street, Riccarton, Christchurch, 8041
+64 (0) 3 741 4466 / info@solutionagent.co.nz

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