Facility scheduling, office hoteling, space utilization and event management for businesses.

From small law firms to Fortune 500 companies, our facility scheduling and web calendar solutions are in use at businesses of all sizes and types. Corporate organizations use EMS to improve their bottom line, increase efficiency in room utilization and office hoteling, and generate business intelligence. Law firms use EMS to schedule client meetings and video conferences, improve internal communications, and optimize room and resource utilization. Conference and event centers use EMS to create public awareness of events, and generate facility use statistics for forecasting and budgeting.


Event scheduling, accademic scheduling, and revenue generation for educational facilities

The EMS product line traces its roots back to education, where the first EMS program was written for a university student center over 25 years ago. Today we offer a wide range of solutions for organizations of all sizes, including event scheduling software and academic scheduling software for both higher education and K-12 facilities. Colleges and universities use EMS as a campus-wide solution to manage academic and event scheduling, and promote events to students and staff. Schools and communities benefit from using EMS for room and resource management, event promotion, and generate revenue by coordinating facility rentals.


Training, Meeting and Conference Scheduling for Hospitals & Medical Facilities

Training, meetings, conferences, lectures, receptions and other special events – they all need to be held in an appropriate room. And just as importantly, they need to have the right resources, like A/V equipment, catering services, etc. Our hospital scheduling software solutions give you the tools you need to manage your busy calendar efficiently.

Non Profit

Meeting Scheduling, Event Management & Web Calendaring for Non-Profits

For all the good work they do, non-profit organizations, including foundations, associations and others, are frequently asked to get by with the bare minimum of space and resources. Our software products help these organizations optimize the use of their meeting and event facilities, get the most out of their A/V equipment and catering supplies, maximize the efficiency of their staff, and manage events.


Room Scheduling and Web Calendaring for Worship Facilities

More than 1,700 churches, synagogues and other faith-based facilities use EMS room scheduling and web calendaring software to manage the space and resources needed to host worship services, meetings, weddings, classes and more, and to generate an online calendar of those events. Religious organizations that rely on EMS discover that it: Is easy to use, both for staff and volunteers Provides "anywhere, anytime access" for the public and staff to see important event information Can grow with their church and is a long-term solution to their scheduling challenges Helps make their facility a focal point for community events Lets them get the most out of their valuable space and resources Streamlines web calendar publishing Enables space rental management for additional revenue generation

Sports & Cultural

Event scheduling and online calendar promotion for sports and cultural facilities

Sports & Cultural venues of all types use our room and resource scheduling and web calendar software solutions to increase efficiency and enhance communication with the public and among their staff. Staff and the public have easy access to schedule information using EMS for zoos and museums to coordinate meetings, weddings and tours. Performing arts facilities use EMS to manage the scheduling of rehearsal time, events - including load in/out time, and all the resources to make it happen. Sports and entertainment venues can use EMS to further promote their upcoming events as well as ensure scheduling of the necessary rooms and resources.

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