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Room Scheduling Software

Also referred to as "facility scheduling software", "event scheduling software" or "meeting scheduling software", room scheduling software is used to find and book space for single- or multi-day meetings and events.

  • Reserve the resources
  • Events and coordinate
  • Operational reports
  • Virtualization Supported
  • Confirmations and invoices
Academic Scheduling Software

Solution Agent allows schedulers to collaborate online to create, test-run, and compare different space optimization scenarios. When the ideal scenario is selected for the classroom or university.

  • Assign courses
  • Course requirements
  • Labor-intensive process
  • Virtualization Supported
  • Registration
Event Management Software

EMS facility and resource scheduling systems have tools for every phase of the process.The planning and managing of "events" (banquets, seminars, conferences, athletic competitions, etc.) involves everything

  • Reserve rooms and spaces
  • Coordinating the resources
  • Operational reports
  • customer's information
  • Confirmations and invoices
Registration and Survey Software

Software that you purchase rather than a service that you pay for on a monthly or per-registration/survey basis, this cost-effective solution becomes even more so with each passing year!

  • Registration and survey
  • Data summarizing
  • Cost-effective
  • Web-based registration
  • Online survey software
What else do you get with your Software?

Reliable Support
The Support Center gives users with a current ASA access to a whole host of resources.

Professional Team
Solution Agent is led by an experienced team whose direction, marketplace expertise and strong understanding of customer needs have resulted in exceptional growth and success.

Latest Technology
(C) Systems is the world’s largest reseller of the iMIS association membership system and specializes in the delivery of applications software, web, ecommerce solutions.

Environment Care
Customers and support team members can "meet" online via a secure internet connection that allows our techs to link their computers to yours and experience the problem you are facing firsthand.

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